Wednesday, 23 October 2013

How to Win the Election

Tell the big Truth and give examples even an idiot would understand, this is how to win the Election. Keep repeating it until it is understood.

The absurdity of the Democrat's mantra "we will level the playing field so everyone has equal opportunity" is easily illustrated: Players on two NFL teams are required to wear ankle weights according to there speed so everyone runs at the same rate. Have "regulators" standing on the sidelines with speed-trap guns throwing penalty flags when a player still manages to somehow break the "official" speed limit.

Perhaps someone sees this as fair for the slower players, but where's the fairness to the more able and naturally gifted player?

The Progressive lie of "fairness" can be illustrated in any attempt to bring everyone down to the lowest level of any situation in life. This is their vision, their promise.

A person's success or failure is based on the actions he takes. We celebrate their successful and we strive to learn from them so we too can be successful. From actual observation, it is the successful who very often lend a hand to help others become more successful.

The Progressive's perverted idea of equality is a failed experiment tested in every past and present communist country. To ensure everyone is equal, according to their doctrine, law requires no ownership. Why? If you own more then another, you are no longer "equal", which is an absurd and pathetic view of life.

How do you win this election? Keep finding and telling the truth so even a moron can understand it. Then repeat it over and over again until it sinks in. Those who believed the lies will eventually become aware of the lies. Lies can be disproven because they are lies and it is done with the truth made easy to understand.

The only place we expect and demand a level playing field in our Republic is in the field of Law. Lady Justice is blindfolded because the personal status of the accused should never be seen, only the evidence. That, by the way, is an issue that would interest black voters because equal justice, from their experience, has been a lie.
There are a lot of adeptness acclimatized to able elections. Read How to win an election to abecedarian more.

Monday, 30 September 2013

used portable buildings 8

Office with the temporary housing section relates normally to a portable office, which are given for the used portable buildings for sale. The use of adjustable acclimation abode can activity a safe activity ambiance and comfortable, and acclimatized for about any location. They may able acclimatize from acclimation to acclimation circuitous connected, some huts, and they can activity rooms, bathrooms, accretion and cafeteria. 
Workplace acclimation amidst on the amphitheatre attic or added attic with a soft-sided stainless steel. This allows the layers sink, hall, worksheets, and boxlike floors durable. The showers and toilets are developed to accommodated the requirements of education, allegedly the a lot of during the acclimation industry, and health. Excellent top aloft locker room-to-date, toilets for children, disabled toilets including a abuttals room.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

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Monday, 8 July 2013

Photo by trash the dress

Wedding photography has long been. These agreements as one of the best options for the independent and photography diligently for a niche for itself. The art of wedding photography takes place after the discovery of the art form in 1826. At the beginning of the wedding photography, so the young couple not special photographers shoot throughout the event more rent. Later in the 19th century this tradition gained much popularity as so-called thrash dress photography developed in modern times. At the beginning of the 20th century, as the industry experienced the arrival of pictures to color, wedding photography gained popularity much more. With the advent of the lighting system improved with better film in the tradition of wedding photos papers gained even more popularity.

The increasing competition between photographers forced takes it as his profession, and visit places of home with this service. Experience of development of more sophisticated technology that photographers under load, but the expectations of the couple were always on a hill. Today, mainly two types of photography for wedding that is detected. The first is the traditional and the second is the journalistic photography. Traditional photography provides the couple with images more classic, because the photographer has to monitor the entire event on the eve of the wedding. In the form of journalistic photo, is where the photographer has little or no supervision during the event, take photos are intimate.

There is a third form of wedding photography is just around the corner and is known as the fashion of wedding photography-based approach. This type of wedding photos can be called as a mixture of traditional and journalistic form of photo wedding photography. The main objective of contemporary photography is to capture the history and atmosphere of the events of the day. This form offers some excellent with many photos that are not intended or provided. The introduction of new technology and equipment for the photography like digital cameras have extended the scope of wedding photography. This form includes the use of lighting to capture the time, composition, photography, creates a strong visual impact.

For the majority of the people, has always been a Tuff question answer. What is photography of thrash dress? For some, it may seem like a Word without meaning or concept, but for others, it is simply what is. The main concept of thrash is the dress of photography in various dresses wedding to amazing and funny pictures. The main objective of the photography of thrash is to provide the couple with photographs, which gladly taken on their wedding day, but they were not able to do, as there was no time or they were afraid to get dirty clothes. Thrash photography is something completely different from what actually the name suggests. That does not ruin the dress as one would think after the name. Thrash photography, he attended meetings of the family with their children, such as domestic animals.

Most of the photo shoots thrash under the direction of the studies do not ruin the dress and if any problem is chemical cleaning services always immediately support the pair. Pairs are completed experts offers also sufficient for the photography session instructions. Thrash is photography itself mainly with the marriage of the couple give a totally different look. After the completion of the blessed event, the bride and groom new belt pull your beautiful clothes for a last photo a strange place, as a Lake of MOSS or in the street independently some predictable place as a Studio. Thrash gaining much popularity in the midst of the young couples as a couple more comes with ideas to give her marriage another appearance of the picture. Many studies thrash there are photography and offers excellent service to the couple involved.

The brides that would be optimal on useless after the wedding ceremony wedding dress. It is not useful to quell the dress in plastic cover and kept safe in the closet. That is why it's best to go to a detailed dress session thrash transmitting not only the wedding gives an unique and beautiful, but also his love for the groom. Be equipped this full images with something wonderful and fun, that lasts for a lifetime. 

Sunday, 7 July 2013

The female form photography

I do not think that it is not a secret, that the female form or the body was attractive to men for many, many moons. Sexual attraction may be the first in the mind, the female form is a miracle, and many are artists and spectators in General. Many different forms of art there is a tribute to the woman as a mother of Whistler, Mona Lisa etc... Of course, we can now achieve size even in the art of the digital camera.

Female form photography erklärt-

The female form photography is almost as shown. The image capture is feminine while posing for photographic purposes. There are many competent photographers today with the photography company established specialized in various modes of photography of the female form. These modes are often commercial and artistic strands.

Why the female form photography?

As mentioned above, female photography tends to be an Evergreen topic of interest to men. But why it is so popular even after so many centuries? Now it seems almost all poses and expressions of a woman have art have been captured by the camera. It is however still! These are the likely reasons for the maintenance of the female form photography:

Post-mortem, a woman has been a symbol of worship for men. A woman always synonymous of beauty, truth and purity out of the reach of men. Capturing those delicate moments in a single expression creates waves in the photography market.

-The following obvious reason for the additional interest is physical attraction, men to women. Anatomy of the female photography clearly yes is for them.

Last, but not least is the money. Female photography brings a lot of money. Photographer is known to be fast-prosperous in this area. Naked women are always in demand.

No matter what are the reasons for the photographer, however, is capturing the final effect of the photo that is important.

Some of the female form photography tips

Clothes or naked woman has always been the favorite subject of photography. However, he has talent and perseverance, to obtain the exact phrase that would become famous to your world of photos. If you need some tips on feminine form then given below are some start-ups that hopefully it would help him to photography.

-Find you the right model for your photo!

Always a theme for your photo is a hard work for any photographer - it especially if your goal is to make intimate photos. However, it is simple facial expressions, which are important, would then make his mother, wife, daughter and sister. Is the expression of the right wants? I am sure that it would be obvious if there is a certain amount of nudity, then it is best to hire a professional model, making them feel more comfortable posing.

Fund for frames

Background requires special attention when it comes to photographing the female form. Viewers generally relate better, a legal environment that corresponds to their delicate lines. The study is usually the best place to shoot to do, how you can adjust the configuration and control of the lighting. If it is of interest to shoot outdoors, you need to be prepared with equipment to highlight contrasts etc... Tip: Better clarity of dark background gives the female form.

-Camera lights, and click in...

Lighting is of great vitality, if your images to be perfect. It is always better to have lighting, focused on the woman behind or to the side. Directly in the face, they had two drawbacks. at first sight the light would not be perfect expression that would capture angle of lighting or illuminating the background. In addition, light would be awkward to do one in the face and promote, cross-eyed!

Keep that you distance from you!

If the model shoot, be sure to have it! Using a variety of lenses. Avoid moving in close, if you capture the more detailed moments of his huge face keep certain distance will help you. Feels better and more diversification expressions of consequence.

Female photography offers immense scope to showcase the talent as a photographer. Now, they say that "there is a woman behind every successful man". This stereotype may not be better than in this area of photography!

Saturday, 6 July 2013

The different types of photography are infinite

Photography is an art form which includes many forms. Photograph of portrait and landscape photography are perhaps the most popular forms of photography, but there are many different forms and. Amateurs and professionals can enjoy certain types more than anyone else. A photography class chooses the most professional photographers are specialized. Some types of photography include at least two other types of photography, so it is not difficult, a specialty, to select the personality on the basis of the photographer.

Photo journalism

This type of photography is to shoot photos of facts as they passed. These photos are used to get the news reader. This type of photography may be required in a single photograph to capture knowledge about the human emotions and perfect years of practice.


Macro photography refers to photographs, which are made in a very narrow range. To become a photographer of the macro, make sure the correct professional film crew (PFE). Lenses and other necessary equipment are expensive and require special skills to learn.


This is very similar to the foto-periodismo, but in the documentary photography photographs for historical evidence are a time of thinking. In photojournalism, the photo is only a scene or event to represent. Photographers need documentary also experiences and training, to capture human emotions.


Consider as many glamour photography, pornography, but is a form of art, which shows the beauty of the human body. These photos may be sexy, but are done tastefully and respectfully. Focus on light and shadow in the human body in its best show.


There are different types of photography of action, although the most popular sports photography. The photographer must study the issue and anticipate the next step, to get a good shot. For sports photographers, this is considered also photographing animals in nature.


This could be the most popular type of photography and certainly one of the oldest. Themes can be people or animals. Portrait photography is to capture the personality of the subject in a photo.


Art photography may contain information on many different topics. Some photographers use animals or nature as subjects, objects, others may leave or even an interesting view of everyday objects. No matter what the question should be artistic aesthetic.


It is a unique blend of portrait photography and documentary photography. Many photos of this type are post-processing of creative effects. Many photos are given a harvest or timeless look in further processing.


It's another type of photography, which includes various forms. It can contain macro, portrait and glamour photography. Photos must be interesting and for the attention of the consumer in printed form. It is a popular form of photography, many people to devote his career.


This includes various types of photography as well as. It includes portraits, documentary, advertising and glamour photography. Photographs should show life or events of a specific place in the world. This can be done by portrait or landscape photography.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Photography work of doing business degree?

Most of the schools of photography offers photography business, but many photographers asked if such a course was useful or not. Photography is not only an art form, but it is a science and economy at the same time. To be a successful photographer, I need to know the creative and scientific aspects of photography to create wonderful photos. You need but also good business knowledge, selling these photos. If you have noticed, especially the masterpiece were never sold photos!

In many forums and interviews of the picture you can see many people who claim that photography is a passion for her, but that passion is not enough to generate income. Out of many photographers, because it can distinguish his passion for photography and the need to sell these images.

As amateur photographer shoot probably almost all subjects, but for professional photography, this idea does not work. You must choose your niche, because customers come to photographers, some to resolve specific issues. A good photography course will help us choose the right place and themselves in this market niche.

For a photograph of good business studies marketing techniques are the curriculum.

Marketing - market research research is something that a degree of business to learn photography. You can investigate and discover the niche, currently in demand. For several picture of the place of the different amount of investment and will need time. Use market research a niche, the best costumes.

Two well known in professional photography niches are presentation - photography and wedding photography. However, the marketing and the procedure for both is completely different. It is very difficult for a photographer stock of photographs of the wedding that was successful in marketing techniques, the he or she uses for storage.

Wedding pictures are only a part of the work on photographs, but all their costumes to showcase (albums) are very important. Photography not your personality and your presentation with the sale of photographs, do but other elements as important formulation and multiple licenses.

Marketing - marketing in the business of photography tools have changed a lot in the last ten years. A personal website, social media profile and a blog ensures your Internet presence. However, it is essential to learn how markets through these new media platforms. Traditional marketing tools such as business cards, gifts also work well. A good course will learn how to use these techniques for your success.

It is no doubt that the degree of a business may be the best resource for any professional photography of the successful marketing of schools of photography of renowned photographer. A successful photographer must learn not only images of the masterpiece, but also, click on how selling them. With proper marketing techniques, photography is one of the safest career, that someone can decide and the creative part of it is fascinating.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Are there other types of photography?

As a professional photographer we have discussed many possibilities. Some actually graduated in the world of corporate photography businesses. Corporate photography has many facets; It serves as an advertisement in the form of advertising; public relations, historical reasons and their brochures. Some corporate photographers to work for the same company for many years. Covering special events in the history of the company, as well as entities and in some cases an important aspect of the history of the industry. The history of the steam, the transition from the agricultural to the industrial revolution were captured in the film.

The story not only industry but history has resulted in the film were. War photographers have captured history usually by press photographers.

In the Decade of 1940, Ansel Adams was probably the most famous American photographer. It captures images of the forced detention of U.S. citizens of Japanese origin in California Manzanar war relocation center. These history data set of impressions in another way as the photographic division of the library of Congress show digital analysis of his refusal and their impressions; Thus, a student can study their darkroom techniques.

Action photography is a specialized art, the unique challenges of a moving image, as well as knowledge of the activity which you photography capture technical skills. A sense of time is important, as well as the ability to pre focus. Top has some types of moments in photography, as the hour before dawn, millisecond of action photography tips! His sense of the opportunity has become well developed, namely, when in reality it is because for a millisecond before the camera, shoot him to shoot. This is the knowledge of the activity where is very useful, if you can count to the upper second. But it's a very specific aspect of the photography company, they can improve their techniques. Sports photography is easier to move from wild animals or open messages, because it is more predictable in its result. Common sense is very important with your position, you will need an interesting background, as well as a place that the use of the ambient light, allowing to be, to keep in safe mode. The Pulitzer Prize for photography is not benefit anyone if they are dead. Often these skills can sporting events, need these amateur where do not pass press.

It is another underwater photograph of the photography specialist, sometimes needs to be and in part because specialized equipment is also a qualified diver. It is possible to take pictures under water, with a regular camera, but unfortunately expensive, with a lot of things to learn and the possibility of very costly repairs amphibious camera for best results. Action photography is best left to the experts, and is not a viable option, if you want to work in this medium during most of his time. The sea can be a dangerous environment to work and offers special challenges as the night and ruin defy all your skills of diving as well as their technical skills photography and photography of drift, of the.

Scientific photographers should illustrate images on a variety of topics or extract data scientists or physicians, who have knowledge of the scientific process. They usually have expertise in the fields of technology, medicine, biology or chemistry. Registering photography tends to be an add-on to a scientific career.

Assignment photography is the supply of material for a special assignment often with limited resource. It includes portraits and wedding photography. Photographers of portrait often, as he has photographed a formal portrait of their customers be more his own studies. Cameras DSLR will often prefer this type of work, as they do, there are more opportunities to "show it real", you don't have to wait for the negative is printed to help determine if they have created a shadow in the face with a hat. Also can be retouched, pixel by pixel, d. h. small defects can be covered. The saying that the camera does not lie is never quite right, but in today's world is even lower. The opportunity, on a business trip has a portrait photographers go and coverage of events such as weddings and baptisms.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Photography - the art of wisdom

Photography is a complex art that requires close attention and thinking beyond the normal human abilities. You will need to go to the best results with the best efforts on the picture. It can be a master of this art only after much practice and learn, but these two things are not enough, a perfect author, is about the passion for photography and the world behind the lens.

Photography is one more fascinated professions for young people today. Photography, wildlife, nature photography, food photography, fashion photography and wedding and bridal photography are the most popular forms of photography.

Photography modes have their own set of importance, but wedding photography and more wedding photography fall lives in the set of two people and their families. It is something special and important. Wedding is a matter of time for people, and they want to keep their wedding to remember all the memories and appreciate life. Bride and groom, both want to keep every moment during the ceremony of wedding in the form of photos or videos. Therefore, are looking for a photographer experienced with enough experience to handle the task of wedding photography.

An experienced wedding photographer is not any general photographer. Usually you must capture the experience of thousands of snaps at hundreds of weddings in different sets of customs and stage photography. The work of an experienced wedding photographer is the best look of the bride and groom with the capture of times better in the best angle possible to extract. There is no place for anything less than the best in wedding and bridal photography. Wedding photography is important since a photographer has the hesitation, excitement, enamel and fear must marry a girl appears. An expert is very difficult to reflect the true feelings, but the white photographer, how to do it.

For the wedding and the bride is the picture really different from other forms of photography, because there is no independence much experience need experience to some extent and is the top priority at the demand of the bride and groom. This is a professional matter, and photographer must learn professionally to provide the best service.

Would like to kind of photography?

Images of people for a variety of reasons, classification above incentives of romanticism to very comfortable fears. Capture images may have an artistic structure, a hobby of the family unit be latter obligation. Also looking at pictures last contact continue keeping us we raised by events allows us also worth of creativity.

Photography is an outline of the impressive ability that includes more than appearance, landscape or glamour shots. Each other specialized and photographers support professional may not be precise types of photography more than others. Although an expert can be pests of photographer in photo journalism, one hand mainly on the large picture could be fascinated.

Recordings can be as easy as the position click on the camera and impressively reveals the desire. Many shots of people in this way however, this technique is not consistent: sometimes works and sometimes not.

Then, you want to kind of photography? Here is a complete list of the types of photography:

Photo report stories with images representing the Museum of photography. The great diversity among photography photojournalism and representation is that the representation is determined to deliver as the last representation of a political or social period, while the photo journalism represents a particular observation or the appearance of the picture.

Photo - force journalism though not specialized in this branch of knowledge has no proper training which stops, photojournalism is often limited to dominate. He is one cause of photo journalism is often by experts, that sober photojournalists secured his shots to defend the reliability of a single view.

Photo journalism brings only the photographer capture the essential: no modification or exaggeration of the image is not allowed. Photojournalism images tend to be influential images to track the observer with the information in the topic. Recognizing that it relates to interpret given blows around the unique sensation is often simply discovered in the years of functioning and understanding.

Photography Photography macro distinguished photography theme range recorded in the close boxes. If men with improved and luxury appliance is limited by the lens, macro photography is currently easily implement for unskilled by digital cameras using macro environment. Macro photography themes could be taken and life of the plant and the surface of otherwise some content include a woven Jersey where arthropods first planes make attractive information of photos.

Action photography experts who capture moving images might focus on a variety of different themes, photography is one of faster games and most of the styles take photos after. Exactly how action has rolled many a man of outstanding games lens properly familiar with her theme predictably well, for capturing images. Very similar rules to be photographed fascinating photographer moving bodies of wildlife in nature or an arrival of aircraft/output.

Photomicrograph of photography micro use images of very small objects to link special cameras and lenses. Most of the use of microphotography is better suited for systematic humanity. Photomicrograph is exercised, for example in areas such as natural philosophy, environmental sciences and medical sciences.

Photography that marketing, because photography is a very important role in the marketing, many experienced photographers dedicate their careers to photography marketing. The prerequisite for marketing unique and sensitive reproduction means that the photographer could work to take numerous forms of images, macro photography, and beauty photography.

Photography beauty photography beauty, sometimes incorrectly with pornography, may warm and tingly feeling safe is not pornographic. As focused on nudity or violent positions search alternative, glamour photography, reminded his theme to take attitudes, curvatures and tones give emphasis. Like the name, it is the aim of beauty photography, to interpret the model in a sensational brilliance. Therefore, take a lot of photos of glamour, tease, inexplicable and cheerful natures.

Photo - responsible for the memory

Photography is used by fans to memories of favorite times, special moments, tell stories, send messages, in order to collect and preserve as a source of entertainment. Many mobile phones now include cameras to promote its use. Photography is all about light, and as a photographer, always we think of light as you photograph a scene. Light catches a defining element in which dominated our thoughts during the photography process and light continue its RAW conversion to digital images 'real'. Photography is an art and those of us, great they exercise, aimed at the art of the Photographyought street not by clubs such as Tara. Many of the great artists, artist at SF MOMA itself were sample were practitioners of street photography.

Photography is a language; It has the syntax and structure as English. As a language, many opportunities, be understood as the language that you want to use. Photography is also more and more in the Auctionblock established as an important investment. Prices in galleries and in the most important fairs of reflect his heavy Status.Fotografie is one of the most basic, quintessential prototypes for a "small business" How does. It is single-celled beings of the business world, so it is easier to analyze Experimentwith, test and test.

Photography is an art form. With the skillful use of the hands of the artist may bring the issue of the 'personality' of photography and create nearly magical moments, which usually cannot be achieved by other means of expression. Photography is a creative effort to turn print capture all angles and show a place, to free up creative and their results will be much better. Photography is not art oil painting art. Some photographers who used to make art.

Photography is the confluence of the opportunity, observation and memory. Photography and art that opens the vitality which drives us. Photography is an intuitive and emotional process for me. Scenes, objects and the subtleties of light and color are as emotional markers. It is an art that is capable of photography?

Photography is to note just anywhere that there is so much a part of our culture now. When, in a magazine, or even a poster, watch, watch TV on the road, all this is right, because photography. Photography unless otherwise is cave painting, all say our, some want to record this story to others, lost. Have you seen the fear in his face, have you noticed the reaction of the mother? ". Photography is the dream, the interval, we take to the real thing. And yet secret tears flow behind these portraits.

Photography is one hobby all in itself, and is an exploration in depth of it, it would be beyond the scope of this article. If you are interested in RC aerial photography Professional, or simply want to know more, get a book from the library on picture and read it. Photography is a hobby of life for many people. But for many thousands more a vocation. Those who gain the ability of photography used their knowledge of life in it to work. Photography is also just fun, and is a wonderful base for municipal projects. If you enter the picture correctly, it helps the world surrounding you much more closely.

Photography is any dependency, which is finally escape in front of a lens, but is in the price of its claim in the attention of the Viewer, as 'Evidence' in fact its roots. As a material of the gallery was invented photographs now essentially not different, as paintings, entirely from the imagination of an artist, unless you touch manual painting and surface variant lacking. The picture is hot in the international art market. People who know photos of hot artists of hot traders buy, type and some smart entrepreneurs to buy shares of blue-chip way. Photography is probably the most accessible form of art in the world. Granted, a box of crayons is cheaper than a disposable camera, but theoretically requires no technical skills to use the camera.

Did you already photograph?

Photography is painting with light. It has been said that photography is an art, where they go to school, nothing separates the Pro from amateur another watchful eye of the art or at the right time. Give a child a camera and she has broken, there, the same child will get a keyboard and promptly on the reasonable period of time.

Most photographs are created using a camera, which uses a lens to focus the scene visible wavelengths of light into a reproduction of what look like the human eye. The process of creating photographs is called photography.

The great thing about photography is out (puns and semi-puns are so difficult to avoid) distract the world that surrounds us, not the art yes same. Conversion of professional photography photography hobby is a big jump. Not only is a leap, because your ability to pay your mortgage and your family eat now exclusively on his talent with a camera and skills depend on the marketing of this talent.

For me, photography is "experience" and therefore more than a fly on the wall in my life's issues. I think that photography is not dead, I believe that photography is a very young art form. We also look at the history of photography and see that many of its milestones based on the technology of the time.

Photography is through an interesting transition, as many film photographers are now starters, novelties, to explore possible with digital cameras. Traditional aspects like the basic techniques and equipment, goal remained the same, but others are very different. Photograph acquired when the conditions weather, angle of the Sun and, where appropriate, water levels are optimal, make sure that the photos for a variety of purposes, which are suitable with technical standard photogrammetric.

Natural light photography is crucial if you want to take great portraits. Many assume that that means that the time of day in which she can shoot his portraits, is limited. Photography is used for souvenirs of the favorite time of special moments, tell stories, send messages, in order to collect and preserve as a source of entertainment. Photography is an art of specificity, but this does not mean that the picture must be out "inward. If the picture has too much natural accident, will have little dynamic Visual. But if you have too much intervention of the photographer and the handling of the subject, is paused, the essence of the expression of the subject.

Once you have your head around it and began to shoot a few pictures, you can find that photography is quite fun and interesting. At first glance, it seems that if you are a full time adventure sport, adventure photography is something that few opportunities to apply? However, nothing could be further from the truth. If you learn how action shoot photos, there are many ways, you can begin to practice and skills honing, if you're away from the mountains and wild rivers.

Some are capable of firing a superb location with the "artistic eye" who choose to use natural settings to obtain the best pictures possible. Pinhole Photography is fun and is the most serious type of photography. It is the freedom of vying for the latest and greatest the industry has to offer, and the freedom of the illusion that is perfect for the great photography technically more and more devices required.

Remote photography is used to learn more about things like use of natural bear rubbing bears and fall of their responses in the hair with bait. Information of work serve for the improvement of the methods of sampling and bear understands the behavior. Photography is all about the election, first through the viewfinder and the second, if you look at the results. As there is choice involved, it is space for art if the artist can do it. Good photography is to see it all.