Wednesday, 23 October 2013

How to Win the Election

Tell the big Truth and give examples even an idiot would understand, this is how to win the Election. Keep repeating it until it is understood.

The absurdity of the Democrat's mantra "we will level the playing field so everyone has equal opportunity" is easily illustrated: Players on two NFL teams are required to wear ankle weights according to there speed so everyone runs at the same rate. Have "regulators" standing on the sidelines with speed-trap guns throwing penalty flags when a player still manages to somehow break the "official" speed limit.

Perhaps someone sees this as fair for the slower players, but where's the fairness to the more able and naturally gifted player?

The Progressive lie of "fairness" can be illustrated in any attempt to bring everyone down to the lowest level of any situation in life. This is their vision, their promise.

A person's success or failure is based on the actions he takes. We celebrate their successful and we strive to learn from them so we too can be successful. From actual observation, it is the successful who very often lend a hand to help others become more successful.

The Progressive's perverted idea of equality is a failed experiment tested in every past and present communist country. To ensure everyone is equal, according to their doctrine, law requires no ownership. Why? If you own more then another, you are no longer "equal", which is an absurd and pathetic view of life.

How do you win this election? Keep finding and telling the truth so even a moron can understand it. Then repeat it over and over again until it sinks in. Those who believed the lies will eventually become aware of the lies. Lies can be disproven because they are lies and it is done with the truth made easy to understand.

The only place we expect and demand a level playing field in our Republic is in the field of Law. Lady Justice is blindfolded because the personal status of the accused should never be seen, only the evidence. That, by the way, is an issue that would interest black voters because equal justice, from their experience, has been a lie.
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