Saturday, 2 January 2016

Real Estate Coaching

There's a long list of reasons people seek out real estate coaching before they get started. "People are practically going to line up to invest with you!"

Sounds encouraging, sounds exciting, and it also sounds complicated. OK sounds easy but, "Show me the money!" and more importantly, how do you find this money?

Notice any signs? Stapled onto telephone poles, hanging on bus stops, and on community bulletin boards, the signs that announce "We Buy Houses", take down the phone number and call.

Introduce yourself, hand out business cards, and ask for the cards of other investors. How do you get people calling you offering to invest? Enter real estate coaching. Sean Terry coaching can help you learn how to find the money.

Why Get Custom T-Shirts?

Family reunion t shirt is a great way for business, organizations or creative individuals to express and brand themselves. A t-shirt has a much longer lifespan than a flyer or radio ad as well. With custom t-shirts, everyone from a small non-profit organization to a sports team, can let this trend work for them.

The cost of getting a custom t-shirt print has come down a lot. We all wear t-shirts and it's the single most expressive piece of clothing out there. T-shirts are no longer considered purely casual wear. Designing your own custom t-shirt can be a great way to bring people together and showcase their creativity.

Does Real Estate Coaching Really Work?

Real Estate Coaching is big business. This is where a "Tom Krol" offers to coach you to your real estate dreams. Coaches make their money on the front end. Coaches partake in the victory of their teams. I believe real estate coaches should be rewarded when their students are hitting their goals. After all, if they are unable to hit their goals, what did they pay the coach for?

If you ask these coaches to tell you "how many students have you coached, how many have hit their goals and how many just paid you to say they had a coach?