Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Duct Tape Marketing defines marketing as, "the activities of a company associated with buying and selling a product or service." "Duct Tape Crafts Marketing" refers to a method of reaching your customers that comes from within your organization. What a great idea!

Many times, what works is very non-traditional.
Here are some unique marketing ideas that are sure to get your company noticed. The following ideas provide a more personalized approach to marketing.

1. Send thank-you cards and hello notes to keep in touch with clients.
2. Birthday Marketing. Send birthday cards and/or sing happy birthday to your customer...they'll never forget it!
3. Refills.
4. Banner Trivia.
5. Famous People's Birthdays. Use Bob Barker's birthday to offer a "Price is Right" discount.
6. Customer/Client Profile. Highlight your clients' products by creating a Client Profile on your website.
7. Battery Baskets.
8. Beat the Telemarketer.
9. Blogging.
10. Clever office gadgets. If your budget allows, purchase a clever office gadget with your company logo silk-screened onto it. Maybe supply a small mirror for your clients to place near their phone. Whatever marketing method you choose, be sure it is right for your business.

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